How to create glassy & bronzy skin

A glampop Guest blog By Reny Schijven

how to Create glassy & bronzed skin for the summer!

Tips and tricks on creating glassy & bronzed skin for the summer.

Hi loves, today I want to take you on my journey to teach you how you can create a fresh bronzy look for the summer! 

First of all, start with 2 gel masks for under the eyes and for the lips. You can apply this on dry and clean skin because the skin absorbs the serum much better.

The patches provide an instant plump and refreshing glow. 5 minutes and you’re ready for makeup! 

Because we also want to enjoy our makeup all day long, I apply a moisturizing primer! 

One of my personal favorites is the Strobing cream from MAC. 

Gives a very nice healthy glow to the skin and perfect for more dry skin because it contains extra hydration.

For the summer, a thin textured foundation is ideal for comfort.You can choose an opaque foundation but with a thin texture. I have used NYX born to glow foundation for this look because it also has a glowy finish. Because we want the sun-kissed skin, I mix it with lancaster sunkissed drops. These are brown droplets that you can mix with your day cream or with your shade of foundation to create a completely naturally warmer look. After this you can use a corrector to balance more blue or purple shades around the eyes. These colours are more peach / light pink. For a little more refreshment and lightening, you can apply the concealer after the corrector in 1 or 2 shades lighter than your foundation shade.

To maintain the natural glowing skin we choose a cream bronzer that we apply on the positive lines. In the video I explain to you which lines the positive lines are and how you can make a lift. Then we apply the liquid highlighter in a C-shape on the highest points of the face where the light normally catches from the sun. For a little freshness, I choose a coloured rose water as a blush.

Then we will set our cream bronzy areas of our face with a powder bronzer. Preferably a matte, to stay as natural as possible. You can do this with a loose brush, because it can also slightly set the cream of the face. That it stays longer for the whole day. For a little more dimension in your look, you can add a blush with a shine on just the cheekbones.

Regarding the brows, try to also be super natural with an extra-thin eyebrow brush to draw some hairstrokes. Then we want to make it waterproof and sweatproof by putting a transparent 24-hour eyebrow gel on top. If you brush them up and shape them in the right form they look super fresh and voluminous!

For the eyes we want to create a little more dimension and depth, but also do this with a matte shade to make it as natural as possible. I also emphasize more outwards because the look becomes more feminine. A skin-colored pencil on the bottom waterline also provides an open fresh look. A black pencil on the top waterline so that your waterproof mascara blends nicely together. For this eye look, only the roots of the lashes is enough. To maintain your curl and definition, apply your mascara only at the roots. Choose one that is primarily a separating and natural mascara. Brown mascara would certainly have been a very nice option too. 

Then we choose a lip liner in a soft nude pink color for optically more volume and of course as base for our lip gloss that it stays better in place and does not run out! Charlotte Tilbury’s lip liner color pillowtalk is incredibly soft and suits many different skin tones. After that we put on some gloss of course. Because it is a bronzy look, I opt for a browner warmer undertone lip gloss over the soft pink lip liner.
Then to make sure all the products melt together nicely, we spray as finish a spray that keeps everything in place during the day. This fix + from MAC are available in different types. For this look we use the goldlite, which gives a warm summery glow to your look. And guess what ?! MAC has released a brand new fix + for the summer of 2020: The bronze version! Also super nice for when you have that hot weather, this spray is also ideal for in the refrigerator as a refreshment spray.

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