Everything you need to know about skin care! Part 1.

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Everything you need to know about skin care! Part 1.

Everything about skincare

Everything about skincare: 

4 different ways to clean your skin.

Goodday loves, this week’s blog is all about skincare. Skincare is the basis, because of skincare your make-up will stay on longer and more beautiful during the day. When you apply make-up, you often start with skincare. But what is the perfect step-by-step plan? And how can you ensure that you choose the most effective products that will suit your skin type? I will talk about it in this blog!

Skincare can really be an investment from time to time.
Having more expensive products does not always mean that they’re better. Every skin has different needs, so if something works well for you, it does not have to work the same for someone else. Up next I’m going to show you the perfect step-by-step plan. Which products you can use best for which skin type? And more on the 5 skin types.

Cleansing – First of all we start with cleansing. Daily cleansing of your skin is essential when it comes to impurities, moisture retention and skin improvement. Cleansing your skin is so important, because a well-cleansed skin absorbs the active ingredients in a serum or day/night cream much better. Without proper cleaning, you will get blemished skin with clogged pores instead of skin improvement.
We sleep on the same pillow every night and we all sweat, thats why we want to have our skin fresh and awake in the morning to start our day again! Also, many people wear makeup, exercise a lot, and are often outside. In the open air there are also many harmful substances and dirt, that’s why cleansing, especially in the evenings, is so important to prevent clogged pores and accumulation of dirt!

If you cleanse, it automatically prevents your skin from ageing. The products that you will apply after cleansing have so much more effect on your skin because they can be directly absorbed by the clean purified skin. There are 4 different ways you can clean your skin.

First, we have the facial cleansing wipes, which are mainly developed for convenience and for travelling. A tip for a longer use of your cleansing wipes: Store them with package opening downwardsso they don’t dry out!

                          Everything about skincare cleansers

The second option
 is micellar water. This is very easy to use. You can simply put it on a cotton pad and use this to clean your skin and your make-up. Garnier has different types of micellar water. These also soften the skin without leaving it dry or itchy. A two in one micellar water contains oil which very easily removes waterproof make-up. 

The third option is using a cleansing foam. This is the gentlest way of cleaning. Super suitable for sensitive skin, because it is very delicate. It is certainly suitable for oily skin because it doesn’t leave the skin feeling itchy, but rather moisturises. Examples include Caudalie – foaming cleanser or Estée Lauder – Perfectly clean. The latter is a cleansing foam, but can also be used as a mask! So nice!

The fourth and final option to cleanse your skin is through using a cleansing balm. This has a balsamic texture and with this product you immediately achieve a deep pore cleaning. This product also completely removes your waterproof makeup! It is very calming to remove the product with a lukewarm cloth. And really try to remove it well because otherwise it can leave greasy spots during the day. Favourites include Clinique – Take the day off cleansing balm and The Ordinary – Squalane cleanser.

In the next part, I will tell you about the the 5 skin types and the essential step between cleansing and taking care of your skin. 
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Everything about skincare

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