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A glampop Guest blog By Reny Schijven

Everything you need to know about skin care! Part 2.


Hello loves,
In the first part of our blog our amazing Reny gave a lot of valuable information on skincare. She left us at the essential step between cleansing and taking care of your skin. 

Essential intermediate step 


The essential intermediate step between cleaning and skincare is a toner/lotion. A toner has a clarifying effect, makes the skin less dull, ensures that the pH value of the skin is balanced, removes dead skin cells and plus attracts more moisture. Long live the toner! 🙂 A toner is suitable for all skin types, from oily skin to dry skin!


In the video we showcase 2 different products, one is an extra comfort toner and the other is a richer luxurious lotion variant. There are also exfoliating toners, which contain a small scrub that works very well for impurities and problem skin. This ensures that the accumulations and blockages are purified immediately. This leaves a new cleansed skin.


An exfoliant or scrub ensures that the circulation of the circulatory system is maintained. This circulation also ensures that new nutrients can come to the surface faster. A scrub is recommended once a week because otherwise you could make your skin hypersensitive.




Now, the skin is provided with a little hydration due to the toner. For more intense care but are also serums. A serum provides intense hydration, and works in the deeper skin layers. There are different types of serums. There are some for anti-aging, glow, plump, hydration or pigmentation. First ask yourself what are the needs of your own skin?




If you feel that your skin needs something extra, or you want to give yourself some me-time, there are different masks to give the skin just that little bit extra treatment. You have the sheet masks, cream masks, or clay masks. Sheet masks are especially nice if you just want an extra plump or glow.

Cream masks are ideal for dry skin because they absorb and retain the moisture for a number of days. You can dab off any excess cream from the mask with a dry tissue. Clay masks work extremely well for oily skin and impure skin. Because these clay masks purify the pores, and make them free of accumulation it will keep your sebum in balance.


Day / night care 


Then we want to apply a fine day care that is best suited for your skin. For dry skin, a cream with mineral oils is very suitable. A day cream ensures that you stay protected all day and have a barrier against external influences and blue light. Which ensures that you can enjoy your radiant skin for as long as possible!

Which of course also reduces skin aging. Nowadays there are many creams with SPF which offers sun protection. SPF also ensures less pigmentation on the skin. For the night, the richer products are very nice, because they are more intense, and the skin is going to be renewed at night. Oils are also suitable for every skin type for the night.

L’Oréal oil is suitable for hair, face, cuticle, for example! There is ultra-moisturizing day care, and a firming daycare. There is also oil-free day care for oily skin. This ensures that you get less accumulation of sebum. Which works perfectly against the impure skin. If you know your skin type, you can easily filter your products!


5 Skin Types

There are 5 different skin types.

Oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, normal skin or sensitive skin.

Characteristics of the oily skin are: Coarse pores, after cleansing often fatter on the T-zone, impurities.


Characteristics of dry skin are: often scaly, tight, often red, often dull.


Characteristics of the combination skin: Oily T-zone, often dry cheek, open pores on chin and nose.

Normal skin is generally well balanced.

Sensitive skin is easily irritated, quickly reacts to weather conditions or eating behavior.


If you have combination skin or oily skin, Salicylic acids or glycolic acids are very nice in your cleaning products because they are very suitable against impurities and pimples.


If you have sensitive skin and suffer from red skin quickly, products with natural soothing ingredients such as rose oil, almond oil, chamomile or Aloe Vera are very suitable.

Finally, if you can identify your skin and know your skin type, you can filter your skin care products faster and effectively, and eventually choose your primer or foundation products which are water or oil based!


We hope you have learned from this tutorial! Now, get started :). If you prefer to watch the video, check it out below!


Enjoy your week beauty loves!

See you on the next! Xx

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