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Oily skin

A glampop Guest blog By Reny Schijven

How to create buildable looks: Adding purple and red to the Glowy nude look

Expanding the Nude,glowy look to a colorful look.

We are now going to expand from the nude look to a colorful look! Starting with the eyes. I have blurred the eyeshadow a bit more with the blending brush so that the eyeshadow color becomes a bit lighter so that a different color can be added to it. I also chose from the Anastasia eyeshadow Palette the more purple vibes! If you have brown or green eyes then these colors are made for you! Rusty shades and purple shades really pop this eye color! I also added gold pigment on the eyelid, this creates more dimension and playfulness.

The colorful look with red and purple

For this look, I wanted to create more of a va-va-voom feeling by adding a pink highlighter on the highest points of the cheeks. This one is Fenty Beauty and it gives your look a colorful glow boost right away! Love this!

For the lips I used a red matte liquid lipstick because they are super easy to apply. This is from Douglas collection ultimate matte # 7. Also applied this one with a lip brush so you can make your contours of the lip very smooth. Especially beautiful with a fierce color!

I brushed my hair just fine for a bit more glamorous effect!

Let us know If you are curious about how Reny created this hairstyle, let me know for a next blog or video!

Makeup lesson
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No makeup, makeup look

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