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Oily skin

A glampop Guest blog By Reny Schijven

How to create buildable looks: Getting creative with your look.

Getting creative with your look.

The last look in our series by Reny brings us to a very creative look which you can easily do yourself. If you want you can leave it here from the day look to the night look. For the creative people among us you could also expand the second look to the latest look! First of all, we take off the red lipstick with some micellar cleansing water in oil from Garnier. This removes waterproof make-up very quickly! Also great to apply this on 2 cotton pads. Let it soak into your eye makeup. Gently circulate around the eyes and tadaaa it has been largely removed already!

We are going to expand the look beginning with the eyes by applying a bit more of the yellow/ orange colors here! Also, I used a super cool yellow blush from NYX to do this on the sides of the face in a C shape. This look belongs more on the fashion side! Very cool for a shoot or for a fashion show.

You let the eye look overflow to the sides of the face. Which gives an edgy feeling. For the lips I put them completely in the gloss to keep the contrast between eyes and lips balanced.

Hopefully you liked this make-up date, get started with all these tips and tricks! See you soon at our next Glam date! Love, Reny

Getting creative with the no makeup, makeup look

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